Alma Cruceros and the technological innovation of Juniper Cruises by IST

Discovering the boutique experience: Alma Cruceros and Juniper Cruises by IST technological innovation 

Alma Cruceros stands out in the Spanish-speaking market as the first boutique cruise line dedicated to offering an exclusive and personalised experience for Spanish speakers. What sets this company apart is its comprehensive focus on Spanish culture, encompassing everything from language to cuisine and entertainment, all tailored to the typical schedules of Spanish-speaking passengers. This dedication to personalised excellence, combined with a unique fusion of cultural tradition and modernity, positions Alma Cruises as a benchmark of exclusivity and sophistication in the luxury cruise sector. 

Unique and personalised experience 

Pedro Costa is a prominent figure in the cruise world and currently serves as the Vice President of Sales at Alma Cruceros, the first boutique cruise line exclusively dedicated to the Spanish-speaking market. With extensive industry experience, Pedro has been key in creating and developing Alma Cruises’ unique vision. His leadership and deep knowledge of the sector have enabled the company to offer unparalleled travel experiences, combining cultural tradition and modernity to meet the expectations of the most demanding travellers.

Pedro, what sets Alma Cruceros apart from other cruise companies in the Spanish-speaking market? 

Pedro Costa:  “Alma Cruceros distinguishes itself from other luxury cruise companies in the Hispanic market by offering a unique and genuine experience designed exclusively for Spanish speakers. From the language to entertainment, cuisine, and schedules, everything is carefully thought out for this audience. With a focus on personalised excellence and a combination of Spanish cultural tradition with modernity, Alma Cruceros stands out for its exclusivity and sophistication.” 

What type of experience does Alma Cruceros aim to offer its passengers that other cruise lines cannot provide? 

“Alma Cruceros aims to provide authentic and personalised experiences to its passengers. With exceptional itineraries exploring unique destinations, high-level cuisine in themed restaurants, cultural activities, quality entertainment, and a firm commitment to environmental sustainability, Alma Cruises promises a genuine and incomparable experience, full of soul.” 

Regarding itineraries and destinations, what can we expect? 

“Alma Cruceros’ itineraries are carefully designed to offer exceptional cultural and scenic experiences. From the Mediterranean coasts of Spain to exotic destinations in Morocco and France, each journey becomes an opportunity to explore and enjoy the best of each place visited. Exploring the exoticism of Morocco, strolling through Tangier, enjoying the coasts of Andalusia, and experiencing immersive experiences in Seville and Granada. Sailing along the Costa Brava, the French Riviera, and the islands of Corsica, Sardinia, and the Balearic Islands. These are the unique itineraries presented by the first boutique cruise line.” 

Alma Cruceros differentiates itself from other cruise lines, among other things, by having a Founders Club, a private club for a select few. What will these members enjoy? 

“Members of the Alma Cruceros Founders Club will have access to unique experiences, such as early access to company offers on destinations, exclusive discounts and offers, and the possibility of being considered for upgrades based on availability. Additionally, they can participate in expedition cruises to remote destinations in collaboration with partner cruise lines. This exclusive club, limited to 80 members, will allow members to enjoy ship spaces, exclusive events, influence future destinations, and live unique adventures worldwide, guided by the spirit of sharing a passion for cruising and creating unforgettable memories.” 

What led you to choose Juniper Cruises by IST as your sole technology provider? 

“We chose Juniper Cruises by IST as our sole technology provider because of their specialisation and experience in the cruise world, and because Juniper headquarters are located in Palma de Mallorca, facilitating proximity. Juniper gives us full confidence to accompany us on this journey with its advanced and comprehensive booking system. Additionally, they have an extensive network of cruise-selling clients connected to their system through XML connections, simplifying the sale of our product. Their platform is intuitive and secure, capable of automating complex processes and offering personalised recommendations, significantly improving the booking experience for customers and agencies. In short, their functionality, specialisation, and ease of integration make Juniper Cruises by IST the ideal partner to support our growth and ensure the satisfaction of our passengers.” 

How do you plan to use B2B and B2C websites to improve the marketing of your cruises? 

“Alma Cruceros’ approach is to offer guests the possibility to choose the channel through which they wish to make their purchase. On the one hand, through the B2B channel, we can sell our products to all travel agencies, both in Spain and in other countries. The agencies have enthusiastically welcomed the idea of selling Alma Cruceros products and, therefore, deserve a booking system that makes the process as easy as possible for them. Our intention is to leverage the strength of travel agencies in the B2B channel while also offering the option on our website for the end customer to buy directly from Alma Cruises. However, we are convinced that, initially, the B2B channel will be much more relevant than the B2C.” 

For the marketing of Alma Cruceros, why is it necessary for agencies to have a dedicated booking platform for the markets where Alma Cruceros operates? 

“For the marketing of Alma Cruceros, it is essential to have a booking platform that allows agencies to confirm cabin availability online without the need for phone calls. This tool will enable agencies to provide an immediate response to the customer or guest, significantly improving process efficiency. Therefore, it is crucial to have an online platform that simplifies the entire booking process.” 

Technological advances and benefits for Alma Cruceros with Juniper Cruises by IST 

Lileana Guerra. Juniper Cruises by IST y Alma Cruceros

Lileana Guerra, Head of Juniper Cruises by IST, explores how Juniper Cruises’ technology will enhance the customer experience on board Alma Cruises. Lileana shares details about the specific functionalities that Juniper Cruises by IST offers and the advantages of integrating with Juniper Fibos by IST and Juniper Fibos Contents by IST for travel agencies and their customers. Additionally, we highlight how the automation of cruise sales can benefit Alma Cruises by optimising processes and increasing sales opportunities. 

Lileana, can you describe how Juniper Cruises by IST’s technology will enhance the customer experience with Alma Cruises? 

Lileana Guerra: “The complexity of the cruise product involves a large number of decisions by the passenger or the agency when trying to create a reservation: choosing the destination, available dates, ports to visit, ship, type of cabin, and deck, among others. Our technology simplifies decision-making through an easy and intuitive booking process that reduces the amount of information the passenger needs to review by grouping departures of a ship that follow the same itinerary simultaneously and providing powerful tools for comparing cruises and fares.” 

What specific functionalities offered by Juniper Cruises by IST do you think will be most valued by passengers when making a reservation? 

“Based on previous experiences with implementing Juniper Cruises by IST technology for other cruise lines, we believe passengers will particularly value the intuitive and easy navigation through a user-friendly design, which greatly facilitates the process, reducing the time and effort required to complete a booking. I would highlight the cruise comparator, which allows passengers to comfortably examine the distinctive features of various cruises: ships, itineraries, and prices, as well as the fare comparison functionality that is rarely available in other cruise booking engines. Lastly, I would emphasize the availability of visual and descriptive content about the ship, cabins, decks, etc., provided by the cruise line itself.” 

What benefits will Alma Cruceros gain from automating cruise sales? 

“The automation guaranteed by the integration with Juniper Fibos by IST will not only optimise the search and booking processes, saving time and simplifying tasks, but it will also increase sales opportunities. This will place Alma Cruises’ product in a showcase directed at the end customer, streamlining management for agencies using the B2B site and those integrated con Juniper Fibos Contents by IST, with access to the cruise line’s product.” 

Alma Cruises is a boutique alternative for sea lovers seeking a tailor-made experience. The distribution of its unique product is made possible by the technology provided by Juniper Cruises by IST. If you are interested in utilising technology customised to the specific needs of your company, we recommend contacting the specialists at Juniper Cruises by IST. 

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