Bavel Travel Summit. Innovation in Virtual Payments

Bavel Travel Summit by Voxel: Innovation in Virtual Payments

The Juniper Travel Technology, Juniper Group and Juniper Cruises by IST team attended the recent Bavel Travel Summit by Voxel. The event has been a reference point in the presentation of the future of virtual payments.

Xavier Garcia, Sales Director of Juniper Cruises by IST commented, ‘Voxel Summit showcased the future of virtual payments. Its advanced technology, showcased at its recent Summit, offers payment solutions that will streamline financial processes in the cruise industry. These tools not only simplify transactions, but also enhance the security and speed of transactions.’

Technology that simplifies day-to-day operations

The tools showcased during the Summit not only simplify transactions, but also enhance security and speed of operations, bringing significant value to companies in the industry. With these innovations, companies in the tourism sector will be able to manage their financial operations more efficiently, reducing errors and improving customer satisfaction.

The event was an ideal platform for the discussion of new trends and technologies, allowing attendees to explore the possibilities offered by digitisation in the field of payments. The participation of industry experts and leaders enriched the exchange of ideas for those, like Juniper, looking to be at the forefront of technology in the travel and tourism sector.

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