Cangooroo triumphs in Egypt with EET Global

Makram Aridi, Cangooroo Sales Director Middle East & Africa, offered two talks about Technology on January 13 and 15 in Cairo and Alexandria, on the occasion of the Networking events organized by EET Global within the framework of its global innovation strategy. This company, one of the largest international operators in the region, invited Juniper to present its Cangooroo Booking Engine product to tourism partners and intermediaries.

The Egyptian government is driving digitalization in all sectors. The attending companies understood that now is the time to adapt and adopt Technology so as not to be left behind and lose a large part of business in the coming years. In this context, Cangooroo Booking Engine is solidly positioning itself in the tourism market as the most complete, user-friendly and efficiently-priced online solution.

Almost a hundred attendees gathered at the Cairo conference, mostly travel agencies, television companies and written press. At the end of the presentation, there was an intense round of questions about aspects related to the implementation of Technology in travel companies. The Egyptian media have echoed this meeting, qualifying it as the biggest demonstration of the Technology of a leading company in the country, and highlighting the importance of digital marketing and online business.

At the end of the presentation, people asked questions and Makram Aridi gladly answered to all the queries, and it was followed by a dinner with excellent vibes.