Discover the future of Rebooking through Juniper with Mize

Juniper Travel Technology, leader in the distribution of technological tools for the Tourism Industry, is propelling into the future of Rebooking by announcing its exclusive partnership with Mize.

Mize: The Perfect Choice for Effective Optimization

In this chapter of our technological journey, Juniper has selected Mize as the perfect ally to take Rebooking optimization to new heights. Mize has showcased its excellence by offering intelligent and unique technology, serving hotel distributors, bed banks, wholesalers, and travel agencies with the aim of increasing profitability and elevating the standard of their businesses.

Exclusive Benefits for Our Clients

With this announcement, our network of clients can now explore and capitalize on the exclusive benefits that this agreement with Mize has to offer:

  • Automation and Maximized Profits

With Mize as the exclusive Rebooking provider, clients will experience an automatic increase in profits of up to 40% thanks to the advanced Rebooking optimization tool. Additionally, the tool provides endless possibilities, granting exclusive access to detailed room mapping.

  • Mize Product Source: Exclusive Global Hotel Inventory

Take advantage of the extensive global hotel inventory for the Rebooking optimization process, encompassing more than 900,000 hotels. Configuration and activation are straightforward, with dedicated 24/7 support and the best rates based on artificial intelligence.

This exclusive partnership reflects Juniper’s ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation, providing our clients with the most advanced tools to achieve new levels of success in the travel industry.

Discover the future of Rebooking with Mize through Juniper and get ready to optimize your operations like never before.

Don’t lag behind; contact our team to learn more about the exclusivity that Rebooking offers and how you can benefit from it.