Emerald Spanic available on Juniper Cruise Browser by IST and Juniper Fibos by IST

Juniper Cruises by IST Clients can now book and manage all Emerald Spanic cruises through Juniper Cruise Browser by IST and Juniper Fibos by IST.

Emerald Spanic offers an all-inclusive experience, based on the services of the Emerald Cruises fleet. Emerald Spanic is a shipping company aimed at customers from Spain and Latin America, who will enjoy a large fleet of Premium-Contemporary river cruises and super-yachts. Thanks to Juniper Cruises by IST services, you will be able to analyze and monitor commercial data to improve your needs and increase your profits.

Through Juniper Cruise Browser by IST you will be able to:

  • Simplify online cruise booking and cabin availability management by automating the process.
  • Efficiently manage marketing campaigns, promotions and offers, as well as analyze customer behavior.
  • Consolidate product distribution from more than 30 cruise lines on a single platform.

Juniper Cruise Browser by IST facilitates fast integration with travel agencies. It is a white label oriented to B2B business, adaptable and customizable to B2B2C business.
B2B2C business. Book and manage a wide variety of cruises by selling your product through third parties and increase your sales exponentially.

Juniper Fibos by IST will allow you to:

  • Include the cruise lines you are most interested in without the need to program an API for each one of them.
  • Customize the flow of sales and adapt them to the needs and demand of your market.
  • Obtain updated, quality information in real time.

Juniper Fibos by IST provides you with an online solution that you can configure according to your brand criteria, with your own flow and adapted to your internal systems. Connect directly to all major cruise lines from a single platform and generate 100% online bookings in real time.

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