Filipe Machado, new Cangooroo Sales Director Europe

Filipe Machado joins the Juniper Cangooroo team with more than 20 years of professional experience in the travel industry. As the new Cangooroo Sales Director Europe he will be responsible for leading Juniper Cangooroo’s sales strategy in the European region as well as looking for new growth opportunities.

Filipe Machado, comments “I am excited to join Juniper Cangooroo and lead the sales team in Europe. I am committed to driving sales and improving profits for our customers. Juniper Cangooroo has a very innovative technology solution and a highly skilled team. It is a pleasure to be part of this adventure”.

About Juniper Cangooroo

Juniper Cangooroo is the division of Juniper Travel Technology, the leading global travel technology company providing best-in-class online solutions for tourism sector companies. Juniper Cangooroo meets the needs of travel companies looking to make the leap into the online world. The synergies between Juniper and Juniper Cangooroo will provide both companies’ Clients with more opportunities to grow and improve performance.

Cangooroo Booking Engine, the Division’s flagship product, is the technology system with the greatest expansion and sales opportunities for travel companies. This technological solution is ready to help tourism companies to get the most out of their business:

  • Sell their inventory to more than 270 Customers worldwide.
  • Access more than 380 XML connections with global travel suppliers.
  • Connect to 1120 potential buyers already integrated with Juniper Cangooroo.

Cangooroo Booking Engine is the technological system with great expansion and sales opportunities for tourism companies. Its technology is ready to help you get the most out of your business.

Improve the sale and management of your business with Cangooroo Booking Engine!
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