Juniper at ITB Asia: Innovation and technology in the world of tourism

Business opportunities at ITB Asia

This year, Juniper attended ITB Asia, an exciting and enriching experience that allowed us to connect with industry professionals from around the world. ITB Asia distinguishes itself with its focus on the Asian market, encompassing the Asia-Pacific region, making it a pivotal event in this fast-growing market.

It provided an excellent opportunity to showcase Juniper’s innovation and technology in the world of tourism.

Industry trends and innovation in the world of travel and tourism

Ben Wood, Juniper’s Sales Director for the Asia-Pacific region, seized the opportunity to network and strengthen business relationships with Juniper Travel Technology Clients and Partners.

“ITB Asia provided us with unique insights into emerging trends in the travel industry” said Ben Wood, “enabling us to identify opportunities to collaborate with other companies that share our vision for innovation and technology in travel and tourism. We are excited about the growth potential we have identified at this show, which will support our expansion across the Asia-Pacific region for all our brands.”

Furthermore, Juniper stood out by showcasing its innovative tools and solutions from various divisions, thereby driving digital transformation in the travel industry. Attendees showed significant interest in Juniper’s solutions, recognizing the benefits they can bring to optimize their operations and deliver exceptional experiences in the world of travel.

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We look forward to seeing you at the next travel trade show that Juniper will be attending!