Juan Mateos receives the National XXI Century Technology Award

Juan Mateos, Juniper General Manager, received the 21st Century Technology National Award on Wednesday at the 5th edition held by El Suplemento.

This award recognizes, once again, Juniper’s teamwork, innovation and growth capacity. The Juniper team works every day to remain the leader in technology for the travel industry and the largest and most complete tourism product distribution network worldwide.

«Thanks Juniper – Innovating Travel Technology team, we already have with us the 2022 National Technology Award! We will be celebrating in a big way very soon. It was not necessary to receive any award to know that our Technology and Innovation are leading not in Spain but worldwide, however, we are very grateful for the award and gives us an extra plus of motivation to continue with our projects and objectives. Thanks to our Customers and Partners! we are excited that our technology will continue to facilitate your mission and we will do it with the commitment to bring you the most innovative technology solutions in the travel industry.» said Juan Mateos through his LinkedIn profile.

For more information access the article published by El Suplemento dedicated to Juniper for the value that our company brings to the tourism sector.