Jump on the bandwagon of expanding the cruise industry

The cruise industry is the fastest growing sector in the global tourism market. The Cruise Lines International Association forecasts that cruise tourism will reach 106% of 2019 levels by 2023, with 31.5 million passengers.

Without a doubt, the future of cruises lies with the younger generations. Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z are the most enthusiastic when it comes to planning a cruise vacation.

These generations are using online travel agencies and tour operators to book cruises at a higher rate than other generations. Take advantage of the cruise boom with Juniper Cruises by IST.

Whether you want to start selling cruises or improve your existing technology, come aboard Juniper Cruises by IST solutions, the leading technology powering the cruise industry:

Juniper Fobos by IST. Connect directly to the main cruise lines from a single platform and generate 100% online bookings in real time.

Juniper Cruse Browser by IST. Book and manage a wide variety of cruises selling your product through third parties and increase your sales exponentially.

Juniper Naveo by IST. Automate the search and booking of Cruise Lines with Juniper Naveo by IST metasearch engine, designed for OTAs and travel agencies selling to B2C.

Juniper Total Partner by IST. Improve cruise sales productivity with Juniper Total Partner by IST ultimate solution designed for General Sales Agents and cruise line representatives with B2B and B2C capabilities.

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