Juniper acquires IST Cruise Technology

From August 1, 2022, Juniper, leader in providing technological solutions for the travel industry, creates a new vertical of cruises incorporating IST‘s technology and team.

The acquisition of IST is part of Juniper’s strategy to remain the leading travel technology solutions company, and adds to its product portfolio the technology and expertise of a highly specialised team that understands the cruise industry and its needs.

Juniper now offers its clients, in addition to the Juniper Booking Engine Cruise Module, IST‘s technology solutions. These include Cruise Browser, Cruise Browser 4 Business, Naveo, Fibos (API, Contents and Maps), Fiquos y Fiquos extended.

With this addition, Juniper offers its customers the opportunity to connect with more than 30 cruise lines and more than 40,000 travel agencies.

Discover on the Juniper Cruises landing page how Juniper‘s technology is revolutionising the cruise industry.

For more information on the acquisition, please see the press release.

Manuel Sardi -CEO at IST-, Juan Mateos -General Manager at Juniper- and Lileana Guerra -CTO at IST-.