Shiji Distributions Solutions, now part of Juniper’s XML Connections portfolio

Juniper has expanded its portfolio of XML connections to include Shiji Distributions Solutions, a key player in the accommodation and travel industry under the umbrella of the Shiji Group.

Shiji Distribution Solutions, part of the Shiji Group, positions itself as a global provider of distribution services in the lodging and travel space, partnering with its clients with a wide range of content, visual and ARI distribution solutions.

Through the integration of Shiji Distributions Solutions into the XML Connections portfolio, Juniper’s customers will gain access to:

  • Shiji’s network of more than 125 hotel chains, which includes global, regional and local hotel companies around the world, including the Mainland China and Macau markets.

With a presence in all international markets, Shiji Distributions Solutions tailors its technology to the needs of its customers, providing a consultative service from project inception to implementation with a team specialising in global customer accounts, service management and global multilingual support.

This cooperation between Juniper and Shiji Distributions Solutions enhances the global hospitality offering for Juniper’s Clients, providing them with new opportunities for further growth in the Travel Industry.

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