Juniper Argo by IST simplify cruise booking

Booking a cruise means there are many decisions to be made along the way, both by the passenger and the booking agency. Juniper Argo by IST makes it possible to visually compare shipsitineraries, and prices, all in a single ecosystem to improve efficiency, personalisation and information management for the sale of cruises:

  • One single screen with all rates. Now you can see on one screen the different available rates for the departure and the number of passengers selected. You can choose between all the various rate types: All Inclusive, Discounts for children, Seniors, etc.

  • A broad range of display templates. Tailor the presentation according to your preferences by adjusting the “white label” to your style. There are many possibilities to customise the layout by applying combinations of colours, fonts and styles to the different structural templates.

  • Control and manage offers and business rules. Focus sales dynamically according to your business objectives:

    • Activate or deactivate cruises lines by directing the sale to one or more cruises lines that are of interest to you.

    • Manage your own campaigns through the management of offers.

    • Include the signing up/cancellation of partner companies, and handle their commissions and mark-ups with great flexibility.

Juniper Argo by IST

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