Juniper encourages the Hoteliers to modernise their webs

Juniper, the Company that pioneered the introduction of the Tourist Companies to the Internet, encourages the Hotel to make their Websites more modern, since many of these sites have remained stagnant and can no longer achieve their aim, which is to attract possible buyers.

Their Commercial Director, Stephen Mcintosh, mentions that many of the Hotels use old systems and hardly attractive to their clients. Juniper designs tools aimed at selling directly to the end consumer, and has developed an innovative system with which the Hotelier can visualize the design of his Website from their own Computer, without having to travel to the offices of Juniper. “We hold an important advantage in that we have gained a great deal of experience in both the Tourism Industry as well as in the Computing Industry, so that any Hotelier will have the assurance that we will always be able to understand them”.

Mcintosh added that “one of the priorities for the tourist is to be able to find the prices in the Websites, when many Hoteliers still don?t display them, which reduces their opportunity to sell. Also, he said “it is necessary to improve the promotion in the Search Engines.”