Juniper & EZ Link, revolutionising Latin America’s hotel offering

Juniper Travel Technology has teamed up with EZ Link, a renowned global company with more than a decade of experience as a tour operator and hotel distributor, with the aim of revolutionising the supply of accommodation throughout Latin America.

EZ Link is dedicated to distributing quality tourism services. With a team of multilingual professionals, it allows them to guarantee 100% of your reservations through its “Double Check” system, which reconfirms directly with the hotel.

This strategic alliance will allow Juniper’s Clients to access the exclusive portfolio of hotels in Latin America directly.

Juniper seeks to enhance, expand and diversify the portfolio of accommodation so that Clients can offer new and competitive options for travel planning on its website. At the same time, EZ Link will be able to reach a wider and more diversified audience thanks to Juniper’s extensive network of clients.

If you are already a Juniper Client, take advantage of the opportunity to offer your customers a range of accommodation in Latin America through the Ez Link connection.

For more information about this alliance, please contact us.