Juniper Off-site Summary 2022

The Juniper Off-site Summary 2022 event took place on 21 and 22 November.

Juniper Heads and Managers participated in two days dedicated to analyse in depth the performance and results of 2022 while working on the objectives for 2023.

The first day began at the Hotel Barceló Albatros with the presentation of the event’s agenda by Juan Mateos – Juniper’s General Manager – and continued with an explanation of the company’s strategic lines. The morning culminated with a presentation on the financial objectives for 2023 and an overview of Juniper’s situation.

The first day was spent explaining Juniper’s Products and Services initiatives. In between sessions, we delved into the new Juniper Cruises and Juniper Airline Vacations divisions and ended with a presentation by Jaime Sastre on Juniper Group‘s vision for 2023.

We also enjoyed a monologue by Sr. Corrales with messages about motivation and attitude, which brought the first day to an end.

The second day of the event took place in the Auditorium of the Juniper office in Palma. During the morning there were several panel discussions in which representatives from each of Juniper’s departments participated.

The day ended with several presentations on the strategic lines of the Cali offices and a panel discussion on Life At Juniper.

In short, it was an Off-site with which to recap the year and prepare the bases for 2023. Discover the best moments of the event through this video on our LinkedIn Juniper Travel Technology profile.