Juniper participates in the Balearic Business Summit with the U.S. ambassador, Mr. Alan Solomont.

The top leaders of Majorcan Companies like Grupo Riu, Barcelo Group, Air Europa, Majórica, Pachá, Meliá, Juniper Consulting, Camper, Iberostar and Balearia, all with business interests in the United States, met on Friday September 21 with Ambassador U.S. in Spain, Solomont.

During the meeting, attended by the President of the Balearic Islands, Jose Ramon Bauza, and the Balearic economic vice president Josep Ignasi Aguiló, addressed the Balearic presence in the U.S., “for us it is very important to recognize the corporate brand of the Balearic Islands”, said Bauza.

Solomont has spoken about the business groups with whose representatives he met as “leading figures not only in Spain but worldwide, with global activities that also help move the U.S. economy” and stressed that “the Balearic Islands are a center of innovation, as evidenced by the meeting held by Microsoft in Palma on challenges and technological innovations, which took place for the first time outside the U.S.”.

Ultima Hora’s Newspaper