Juniper rebrands itself

To change the future of the travel industry, Juniper starts with an internal refresh

To further establish itself as a leader in travel distribution technology, Juniper announces the global rebranding of Juniper Travel Technology and introduces its four technology divisions.

  • Juniper TravelTech: the Technology Partner par excellence, interconnected worldwide.
  • Juniper Cangooroo – the turnkey technology solution for the travel industry.
  • Juniper Cruises by IST: the cruise technology that immerses travel companies in a successful future.
  • Juniper Airlines Vacations: the platform that engages airlines in new technologies to expand your business.

Watch the video to see the key pieces of the Juniper Travel Technology revolution.

Juniper offers the highest quality of service serving the needs of more than 270 travel companies and remains committed to changing the future of the travel industry.

Thanks to its Clients and Partners, Juniper continues to grow and renew itself every day to offer the latest travel distribution technology.