Juniper receives the visit of Margalida Prohens in the Palma offices

On Friday 12th January, the President of the Balearic Islands Government, Margalida Prohens, visited the Palma offices and highlighted the innovation and global impact of Juniper Travel Technology as a leading company in technological services for the tourism sector. During her tour of the Palma headquarters, Prohens underlined Juniper’s commitment to covering all areas of tourism activity, offering specialised technological solutions for each of them.

Accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports, Jaume Bauzà, and the Director General of Tourism, Pep Aloy, Prohens was received by Juan Mateos -General Manager-, Joana Mª Bauzá -Head of Marketing- and Jeroni Navarrete -Head of Process & Planning-.

During the visit, the Juniper team explained to Prohens and his companions the crucial role of the company as an international benchmark in tourism technology, providing solutions to incoming agencies (DMC), online travel agencies (OTA), bed banks, airlines, wholesale tour operators and cruise lines. With more than 300 employees with expertise in tourism and technology, Juniper ensures a future for technology development of new benefits for the Travel Industry.

The visit included a detailed review of the facilities and a presentation of the latest technological innovations implemented by Juniper, such as artificial intelligence (AI) in the Juniper Vervotech division. Councillor Jaume Bauzà and CEO Pep Aloy also expressed their support for the company, highlighting its role in boosting tourism in the region.

President Prohens’ visit underlines the strategic importance of Juniper Travel Technology in promoting innovation and growth in the tourism sector in the Balearic Islands and beyond.

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