Juniper SUMMIT 2018, attendance record to our biennial event

The Juniper SUMMIT took place at the beginning of May, which summoned 140 CEOs, General Managers and Enterprise executives from Juniper Partners and Clients companies, in Palma de Majorca (Spain).

The agenda of the event has alternated work sessions, presentations, interviews, panel discussion and networking sessions. The latter made it possible to reach 350 meetings between Clients and Partners. The networking is one of the most valued activities by the attendees, since it generates business opportunities and a valuable exchange of experiences and impressions with regards to the horizon of the global tourism industry.

As a year novelty, panel discussions have been organized, which resulted in giving the key points to the future online tourism distribution. In the first panel discussion: “Industry talks and trends”, attendees such as World2Meet, Expedia, Lots of Hotels, Hotelbeds Group and Best Western have participated. Topics such as the technological role in the hospitality management distribution chain or the OTA sand Bed Banks consolidation were discussed throughout the session. In “Ground Services”, which is the title of the second discussion, the Nexus Tours, SeeUSAtours, W2M and managers acted as the main participants. In this panel, they discussed about the future of the services as the business generation engines within the tourism intermediation. An application to formulate questions and vote live, ensured the interactivity with all the participants in the SUMMIT.

The Hotel Valparaiso Palace, which was the venue for the biennial event, is located in a privileged area with spectacular views of the Mediterranean island. According to our attendees, the Juniper SUMMIT 2018 was “an excellent event”, “dynamic and interesting”, “great experience”, or “in one word: business”.

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