Juniper SUMMIT 2022 – The tourism technology event of the year!

The Juniper SUMMIT is the biennial event organised by Juniper that brings together Clients and Partners in Palma (Mallorca, Spain). On the 28th and 29th of April we brought together more than 170 executives from the world’s leading tourism and technology players.

Technology is a key pillar in the recovery of the tourism sector. With this in mind, Juniper SUMMIT 2022 brought together key companies in the tourism sector to promote their expansion, growth and relationships with key industry decision-makers. The event covered the latest market trends on tourism recovery and sustainable growth, presentations on digital transformation and insights on the horizons of the global tourism industry.

In addition, attendees were able to attend two panel discussion with the participation of several representatives. The first, Recovery, Reality and Future, featured by Omry Litvak of Hotelmize, Evgeny Vasiliev of Neo Travel, Matt Teixeira of BWH Hotel Group and Bernat Estarellas of Escalabeds, addressing the current state of the travel industry after the pandemic, how it is being tackled and the reality of the near future of the sector. The second, Growth Strategies in Travel Distribution, was attended by Luis Reche of World2Meet, Javier García of Go Global Travel, Kim Kuan Lim of TUI Malaysia, Samir Hamadeh of Elevate DMC and Pierre-Yves Guillaume of, who debated the different strategies that the industry should follow to increase and promote travel.

Finally, tourism distribution leaders had the opportunity to strengthen ties and establish business relationships in the more than 430 Networking Sessions that took place during the event. Networking is one of the activities most valued by attendees for generating business opportunities and a valuable exchange of experiences and impressions on the future vision of the industry from different perspectives.

In short, it has been two days full of learning, knowledge exchange, creation of new business relationships and, above all, fun.

Taking advantage of the success of the event and the satisfactory feedback from all attendees, Juan Mateos -Juniper General Manager- has shared on LinkedIn a few words of thanks for the entire Juniper team:

«Grateful to my spectacular team, not only those who have been at the event, but to everybody, since while some of us did the event, we continued to dedicate hundreds of hours of service to technological innovation and that the largest tourism distribution network in the world continue growing.»

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See you at Juniper SUMMIT 2024!