Juniper Webinars in YouTube: Clients always up-to-date in technology


Juniper Webinars offer free permanent training to optimize Booking Engine performance, taking maximum advantage of each module and capitalizing on your investment.

A Webinar (Web-based seminar) is a type of conference, workshop or seminar about a product or service that is made in an interactive way through the internet. As in any other live event, the attendees can ask questions about the suggested topic and the speaker can solve queries in real time.

The aim is for our Clients to be always up-to-date in technology. For this reason, we offer Webinars in a regular basis to explain how our modules and tools work in a practical way. The videos, in which our information is clearly displayed in English, Spanish and Portuguese, later are published in our YouTube channel so that the users of our Booking Engine may review them again, whenever needed.

The only requirements to participate in the Juniper Webinars are a computer with an internet connection, speakers or headset and microphone, although this last will not necessarily be indispensable, since you also will be able to communicate through text messages through our Webinar platform.

Review here the list of Juniper Webinars