Juniper’s acknowledgement grows in the WTM London

One more year, a broad representation of Juniper attended the WTM, held at the beginning of November in London.

Juniper’s stand was located in the newly-created section “Travel Forward”, dedicated exclusively to technology, as online distribution solutions and XML connectivity become more and more relevant in the tourism sector, as fundamental pillars of that business.

This new location allowed to attract visitors that manifested more interest in technological innovation to the stand, and generate new contacts, that were dedicated a personnalised and thorough attention.

Thanks to the acknowledgment of its many competitive advantages, Juniper’s renown as a reference in the sector grows year after year. The feedback from the professionals that visited the stand has been quite positive. A large number of companies visited Juniper’s stand in order to enter into partnership agreements, interested in taking advantage of the leader connectivity of Juniper Booking Engine and Cangaroo Booking Engine to distribute their products.

Travel intermediaries that attended the fair also appreciated the ease of use, connectivity and, especially, functionality of Juniper’s Booking Engines.

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