Kamilia Tours and its Islands

The Incoming Agency Kamilia Tours, requires the Juniper solutions to assist them in their aim of promoting the Islands of the World with their theme ‘Loving the Islands’ by offering all the products and services that their end coumers expect to receive, using different Suppliers of Accommodation and ground services, simultaneously.

With these Connections, Kamilia Tours needs to be able to offer a maximum variety in products and services, with a minimum effort made by their clients, where such a variety of offer would have been impossible without using the latest Technology developed by Juniper.

With the Juniper solutions, Kamilia can combine those Accommodations contracted directly by the Agency, together with those offered by external Supliers that use XML connectivity, to cover all those destinations that Kamilia would not be able to Contrcat directly.

In this way, Kamilia Tours can cover, with the technology developed by Juniper, all the destinations in the World, whilch it develops more contracting ties in more Island destinations.

The solution offered to their consumers allows Kamilia Tours to be able to offer their services throughout all 24 hours, 365 days in the year, in destinations, where, for logistical reasons, they would not be able to open representative offices, all of which allows them to expand their influence with a minimum amount of investment in human resources, and keep their clients loyal to their Website

An important part of the project is the need for Kamilia Tours to be able to offer the Charter flights they have Contracted, being able to offer these seats as seat only, as well as combining these seats with other products and services, thus maximising the profitability on each sale, by dinamically creating Vacation packages for their consumers.