Learn about the advantages of our alliance with Hotelmize

Juniper has strategically allied with Hotelmize to offer its customers a disruptive solution to maximise revenue of each hotel booking.

Do you know Hotelmize?

Hotelmize is a startup present in 33 countries with more than 70 clients. It is a company specialising in travel technology powered by artificial intelligence. The solution enables travel companies to increase their hotel booking revenue by more than 40% by automatically optimising their shopping rates once the booking is confirmed.

Hotelmize algorithms use Big-data and ML techniques to monitor, compare, predict and analyze bookings to achieve the highest profit potential efficiently and effectively.

Its solution is very popular among automated hotel repricing solutions in the industry and one of the most disruptive companies to help mitigate the impact of the pandemic on tourism according to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

With this technological tool Juniper Customers will have the possibility to:

  • Optimize post-booking cost rates with a fully automated rebooking process, which will allow to increase the profit from each hotel booking.
  • Automate hotel repricing processes and leave manual interaction behind.