The latest trends in cruise distribution.

 Personalization. The key in cruise distribution

Cruise distribution. Personalization has become a key trend in the distribution of technology for cruises. In a constantly growing market with a wide range of options, Travel Agencies face the challenge of preparing to expand their business. The key to staying competitive lies in automating their business processes.

Manuel Sardi, General Manager of Juniper Cruises by IST, about cruise distribution

Each cruise line has its own characteristics and has individually developed its API. For this reason, flexible solutions (in XML format) are required to allow each type of distributor to easily and automatically adapt to their market and customers. Automating these processes is key to increasing sales and providing personalized customer service.

Juniper Cruises by IST solution 

Juniper Fibos by IST provides you with an online solution to configure all parameters according to your brand criteria, with your own workflow, and tailored to your internal systems. In addition, we also have an offline version Juniper Fiquos by IST which, thanks to the download of a list of prices and availabilities, allows you to generate quotations.

With Juniper Fibos by IST you will be able to:

  • Benefit from the repository of Contents and Itineraries from a single tool.
  • Connect in real time with more than 30 Cruise Lines thanks to XML integrations.
  • Manage quotes with prices, departures and category availability updated in real time.
  • Modify the integral system and business model according to conversion ratios.

You can now connect with more than 30 shipping lines and access their inventory in a personalised way.

Simplify your cruise sales with Juniper Fibos by IST!