PriceTravel’s connection through Juniper: Unlock unparalleled travel experiences

PriceTravel’s connection through Juniper Travel Technology is now available, marking a major step in expanding our offerings and providing our Customers with unrivalled travel experiences.

PriceTravel Holding, has been established as a global distribution company for over 25 years in the Latin American travel sector and launched its API distribution channel “Connect” only 4 years ago, quickly becoming a trusted supplier of hotel content worlwide.

What differentiates PriceTravel from other companies? Its philosophy of success is based on a continuous focus on quality hotel content and service at every level throughout its partnerships. This makes PriceTravel a hotel expert in Latin America and North America with multi-level rate agreements, exclusive direct contracts and a remarkable service team capable of adapting to the needs of the international market.

Discover new opportunities with PriceTravel’s connection through Juniper

Through our integration with PriceTravel, Juniper Clients gain access to an extensive portfolio of products, including:

  • A wide variety of exclusive directly contracted hotel portfolio in over 2,500 destinations with multi-level rate agreements specialized in Mexico, Latin America, Colombia, the Caribbean and the United States.
  • Various types of accommodation, such as boutique hotels, luxury hotels, hostels, apart hotels, bed & breakfasts, glamping and more.
  • Exclusive allotment during high season and minimum cut-off window for last minute bookings.
  • Minimum cut-off window, ideal for last minute bookings.
  • Competitive pricing and permanent promotions with exclusive deals.

This partnership between Juniper and PriceTravel drives the expansion to new levels of travel offerings for Juniper’s clients, providing them with new opportunities to continue to grow in the travel industry.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore new offerings and expand your horizons through the PriceTravel connection!

Contact us today to learn more and start planning your next adventure.