Sololé takes advantage of the Juniper Solution

To date, Sololé has specialised in the Spanish marketplace, but with their new Juniper solution thay are now able to cover many other areas of the World, approaching other countries like Portugal, Mexico and USA, offering, via xml a vast portfolio of more than 100.000 Properties throughout the World, with realtime availablity and dynamic pricing.

Their business model required a solution that was totally versatile for the Travel Agencies in the Worldwide marketplace.

Aditionally, Sololé has signed a joint-venture agreement with the American operator Methabook, through which they can offer product throughout America with very competitive prices, and extensive availability. At the same time, they are offering methabook all their products in Spain and Europe, which has crated a great deal of interest from many Hotel Chains, Inbound Operators and other Accommodation Suppliers