Juniper at Travel Tech EMEA: Travel Industry in the Next 5 Years

Daniel Brunod, Head of Juniper Airline Vacations, participated in the Travel Tech EMEA roundtable: “Leading the Journey: Global Leaders on Transforming Travel Industry Experiences in the Next 5 Years”. These conferences bring together technology companies, hotels and OTAs, looking to learn about operational technology and gain practical insights to accelerate the global travel recovery.

At the panel discussion, experts highlighted the need to leverage technology to simplify daily tasks and improve the user experience. Daniel Brunod highlighted the importance of considering guest experiences, balancing operational efficiency with the value provided.

Upcoming challenges for the tourism industry

The upcoming challenges for the tourism industry will include key areas for technological impact in the next 5 years, such as connectivity, personalisation and cost reduction. Selecting the right services and tools will be key to rethinking the value offered to customers, especially in terms of sustainability.

Artificial Intelligence and new ways of harnessing data

On AI, Brunod emphasised the importance of understanding the “why” of travellers’ decisions. According to him, AI will support technology to provide more personalised solutions. It is crucial to move from reactive to proactive approaches in tourism operations. AI will serve to better control pricing, availability and various aspects of guest experiences. He stressed the need for a more synergistic ecosystem in the travel industry to improve overall efficiency.

At Juniper, we understand the importance of new technologies. For this reason, in June 2023, we are opening a new office in Salamanca. This focus will allow us to develop our technology towards Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity applied to tourism.

In addition, in August 2023, we incorporated a new division, Juniper Vervotech, into our business structure. This leading provider of accommodation data solutions, including hotel mapping, room mapping and accurate hotel content, is powered by Artificial Intelligence.

In order to provide the best product and high quality services to our Customers, it is necessary to not only embrace the latest technology but also proactively create and constantly improve the travel industry. At Juniper we understand this need and in order to remain the leading software in the travel industry, we create the new travel reality.

Challenges for the next 5 years

Over the next 5 years, travel technology is expected to evolve towards greater personalisation, leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics to deliver experiences more tailored to individual travellers’ preferences. An intensified focus on sustainability is also anticipated, with technology playing a crucial role in reducing the environmental footprint of the tourism industry.

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