Video: Key points of Juniper’s Global Expansion

Jaime Sastre, CEO and founder of Juniper, has explained in an interview the internationalization process of Juniper, focusing on the case of Brazil, a market that has been conquered thanks to building trust.

The global expansion of Juniper is a model of how a company manages to penetrate the main emerging markets thanks to its ability to adapt to the local cultures, conditions and game rules in these countries. That is why the agency  ICEX – España Exportación e Inversiones has chosen Juniper as a success case, conducting this interview at the headquarters of the leading company in tourism technology.

Sastre deeply addresses key points of Juniper’s globalization process and how the Company has been designed to expand internationally since its inception, having the American market as the first stop on the way. He also identifies the individual values ​​to succeed in the business world and explains what living with fear means to make better decisions.

Watch video (English subtitles available)