Webinar Comparison Tool

In the first weeks ofthe year we are offering the Webinars of the new Comparison Tool module. It is a tool that will allow our clients to compare in the intranet their own rates and those offered by all their suppliers by hotel, room type and meal plan.

The Comparison Tool module allows to search through different filters such as market, agency, destination, dates, room types and meal plans. The client can choose a base supplier to which he will compare the rest of the rates offered by different suppliers.

The main advantages of the Comparison Tool are that thanks to the comparison of the tool, the user will be able to take strategic decisions, learn more about the total number of unique hotels that his suppliers offer per destination and identify which supplier offers the best rates for the same hotel and meal plan.

The Spanish and English versions have been carried out, for the first time, by our colleague Ismael Van Domselaar. The Portuguese edition is performed by Mariana Manigold.