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Introducing the latest technological achievement in cruise sales and management technology: Juniper Argo by IST. This product represents a revolutionary evolution in the Juniper Cruises by IST solutions lineup, surpassing its predecessors, Juniper Cruise Browser by IST and Juniper Naveo by IST, in every aspect. This solution is powered by Juniper Booking Engine technology to enhace the sale of cruise products.

A new era for travel agencies

Juniper Argo by IST not only maintains the core functionality already offered by Juniper Cruise Browser by IST and Juniper Naveo by IST, but also introduces innovative features that enhance the user experience. One of these is its ability to enable the cruise booking and management of both B2B and B2C modes, giving agencies greater autonomy in their operations.

Key benefits of Juniper Argo by IST

  • Cruise comparison: Juniper Argo by IST integrates a cruise comparison functionality that increases your sales opportunities and maximises your revenue.
  • Fare comparison: Optimise your booking flow with a powerful fare comparison tool.
  • Advanced customisation: Offers a variety of display templates and allows agencies to configure offers, styles, business rules and credentials autonomously.
  • Specialised solution: Facilitates conversion into cruise sales for small and medium-sized agencies, cruise specialists and management groups looking for a cutting-edge solution without excessive investment.

Leading differentation in the market 

In a competitive market, Juniper Argo by IST stands out from the competition in several ways:

  • Uniform flow for all carriers, both online and offline, simplifies the management and booking process.
  • Agencies have greater control over the management of carrier credentials and their agency networks.
  • Provides detailed management reports to assist agencies in making informed decisions.

Juniper Argo by IST integrates with all cruise lines offered by Juniper Cruises by IST, both online and offline. It n addition, it offers a consistent B2B and B2C experience, with commission breakdown and back-office access. Juniper Argo by IST is a leap forward in the cruise industry. The time has come to experience more efficient, personalised and powerful cruise management.

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