Juan Mateos es nombrado General Manager de Juniper

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  • 29/01/2020

Juniper continues its process of organic and business expansion, through the acquisition of new companies. This growth has led to a restructuring of the Juniper Management Board to adapt to the new challenges.

Juan Mateos, who has until now held the position of Head of Project Management, Support & Training Teams, has accepted the position of General Manager. From now on, he will then be in charge of the supervision of the Project Management, Development, Product and Systems Departments.

«I have accepted this new role with great enthusiasm and responsibility to lead an incredible professional and human group and to turn our goals into reality in the short and medium term,» says Mateos.

The new General Manager ensures that «the objectives we have set for our company are none other than to continue doing what we have been able to do so well and that has brought us so many successes in recent years with the highest quality.»

«Quality is a goal that we have had in place for a few years and on which we will work hard to make it an unquestionable reality for everyone in 2020, including, of course, for our customers. To meet this objective during this first semester of the year, we will standardise some processes and responsibilities, focusing on controlling our metrics, operations and, obviously, our SLA indicators.»

«The achievement of this priority objective will lead us to the execution and attainment of other major objectives, such as the consolidation of structures, methodologies, processes of all teams and desired revenue».

Juan Mateos thanked Juniper’s CEO, Jaime Sastre, for his trust, expressing the certainty that «Juniper Group will add new successes to our group soon and, with them, new opportunities for all members of the Juniper division».