Juniper y Triometric y se unen para ofrecer un poderoso servicio API de Busines Intelligence

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  • 22/08/2019

Triometric, a leading provider of API traffic monitoring and intelligent search for online travel distributors and Juniper, leader in Booking Engine technology, have announced its collaboration. Both companies have extensive experience in their respective technologies for large and small travel companies worldwide.

The Trio service allows Juniper customers to access a comprehensive «ready-to-use» API analysis solution to optimize customer management, inventory availability and distribution capabilities. Juniper Web Service customers will benefit from detailed visibility of all their search and reservation data. In addition to basic services, such as the platform and commercial operational monitoring, real-time detail focuses on important areas such as customer activity and product availability.

This collaboration complements the strengths of Juniper’s complete automated booking engine and the proven Triometric real-time API analytics platform.

On 22 October, Juniper and Triometric joined to perform a Webinar in order to present Trio Analytics, showing how the synergies of this collaboration will benefit customers, who will have a detailed visibility of all their search and API booking data. Also, the company FastPayHotels participated to share its experience as customer of both Juniper and Trio Analytics.

Click here to access the Webinar